The considerable advantages in the use of optical fibers are now known

Absence of U.V. and I.R., therefore no heat transmission, no conduction of electricity, less heat in the illuminated environment.
Easy installation, lower maintenance cost and significant energy savings.

These characteristics have allowed optical fibers to find great use in exhibition lighting: jewelers, clothing stores, leather goods, perfumeries; its use in the conservation of works of art (paintings, frescoes, archaeological finds etc …) and interior lighting is extremely important.

In particular, the use of starry skies kits with optical fibers in environments such as bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, has allowed the evolution of the concept of wellness also to the “private house”; in fact, with the installation of the starry skies kit with COBB fiber optics, it is not necessary to go to the SPA to enjoy the beneficial effects of chromotherapy.

The elements that make up a starry sky kit with optical fibers.

Optical fiber illuminators

The light source or more commonly called fiber optic illuminator consists of a generally metallic casing in which the following elements are contained:

  • Led or halogen or metal halide bulb, depending on the model;
  • UV and IR filter;
  • without fan or with silenced fan;
  • transformer;
  • electronic ignition system with metal halide.

Fiber optic bundles

The fiber optics bundles are composed of a connector (for connection to the illuminator), from which a number of variable tails branch off for quantity and length. The shorter the length of the tails the greater the result in terms of light and chromatic intensity.

The tails are finished with a mechanical terminal and an appropriate optical fiber polishing optimizes the result of the quality of the light output.

The starry skies kits with COBB optical fibers are composed of very high quality pmma synthetic fibers with an exceptional chromatic seal and an attenuation of only 0.2dB per meter.
  We can supply starry skies with optical fibers with diameters ranging from 0.5mm + 0.75mm + 1.0mm + 1.5mm + 2.0mm and 3.0mm

Controller for starry skies kit

COBB fiber optics starry sky controllers are designed for the best control of lighting systems.
We have different solutions that adapt to any design and comfort requirement.

Not just only digital or analog buttons, but complete color management systems, light intensity systems or even management systems on DMX channels.

Controlling a fiber optics system has never been easier.