Starry skies kit with fiber optics

We specialize in the production of fiber optics starry skies kits.

Are you looking for an innovative design solution? A starry sky with fiber optics is your solution!

COBB’s fiber optics kits are perfect systems for creating extraordinary starry skies effects on your ceiling, both in a small bedroom and in a large commercial space.

They are easy to install on plasterboard surfaces, tiles, curtains, headboards and other materials, always with spectacular results.

You can have maximum relaxation during the bath by giving the water colors that have beneficial properties on mood.
Before retiring to your room, relax by immersing yourself in a calming purple that promotes sleep or, when you wake up in the morning, reinvigorate yourself by immersing yourself in the orange hue.

Alternatively, you can program a slow and continuous cycle of chromatic variations with all your favorite colors.

Cieli stellati a fibre ottiche
Discover how a “fiber optics starry sky” kit is made.